Living room space series solutions
Minimalist inclusiveness, and a variety of styles of household tacit coordination with simple lines and fashion elements skillfully into aluminum furnitureThe whole house custom home, you can do decoration with decorations to beautify the space into the door is a - bright scenery
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Balcony space series solutions integrated kitchen
The balcony can make habitant accepts illumination, absorb fresh air, undertake outdoor exercise not only, admire and admire, cool, air basks in clothings, integral sex has been decorated, make the person does not go out the door also can appreciate the loveliest colour in nature, breath is pure and fresh and the air that is taking sweet flowers.
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Wardrobe/cloakroom series solutions
Cloakroom as an important factor of quality lifeIt is a special space for storage, collection, dressing and dressingChoose reasonable store clothes and capacious change clothes space is the overall design of cloakroom
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Cabinet/suspension cabinet series solution integrated kitchen
High-end kitchens are customized in the form of "one" to "many"The functions of meal preparation, cooking, cleaning and storage are integrated in the same spaceGet ambry to have a complete function, also let "- body changes kitchen" change For the reality.
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Bathroom space series solutions
A delicate and fastidious toilet nature is function and aesthetic feeling hold concurrently from pattern decorate, building materials choice, dimensional design to detail processingEach link can not be perfunctory everywhere revealed a life of ingenuity
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Bedroom space series solutions
A delicate and elegant bedroom is naturally functional and aesthetic both from layout, building materials selection, space design to detail processing Each link can not be perfunctory everywhere revealed a life of ingenuity
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